International Moving

“To provide world class mission critical, on-demand transportation and logistics solutions to US Government agencies and contractors dedicated to defense, homeland security, disaster response, and humanitarian support.”
Aero-Transfer and Logistics offers a broad range of logistics, transportation & distribution solutions designed for U.S. Government clients and civilians/contractors around the world. We pride our reputation on outstanding service and dependability around the world by always executing the principles of the company’s mission. This mission is our commitment to providing outstanding service at a best value price.

The Aero Team’s capabilities and past performance on similar, high visibility, projects worldwide represent a value that is not always measured by numbers, but by results. We have proven our ability to succeed in the most volatile environments where politics and local issues routinely impact mission critical operations.

Aero-Transfer provides the full range of project and general cargo supply chain services which include:

    • Expediting orders with suppliers
    • Detailed material receiving
    • Export compliance
    • Export packaging
    • Preparation of all necessary shipping and customs documentation
    • Transport by land, air, and sea
    • Customs clearance
    • Delivery to final mile

Technical capabilities

Aero-Transfer and Logistics will deploy personnel at all levels (Management, Operations, and Sales) into project areas throughout the world, including high risk zones in order to establish, train, and operate in accordance with contractual guidelines. We will utilize the long-term relationships with local partners which have proven to be invaluable with other projects. The ability to respond immediately to changes in schedule, government requirements, and political climates is essential to attaining efficiencies and success. Personal relationships afford Aero a superior level of understanding resulting in services thought to be unavailable to others in the transport community.

The overall success achieved on large scale and complex programs are attributed to integrated project structure. The transport of cargo to/from anywhere in the world can in itself be problematic. Aero’s hands on project management program approach affords a clearer picture of potential obstacles by attaining two objectives:


The facilitation of communication amongst Aero offices and partner organizations which update all involved about critical status changes directly affecting the mission

Proactive Management

The establishment of a proactive management style which insures each and every problem a shipment may encounter is discussed and corrected before it occurs

Effective communication and constant flow of accurate data are key factors in providing problem free shipments throughout the world.

Domestic & Worldwide Solutions

AERO offers wide array of services which include (but not limited to)

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    Instant availability of effective transit options

  • Connector.Connector.

    Contractor interface – expediting of purchase orders, drop shipments

  • Connector.Connector.

    Coordination of inland transport from vendor facilities

  • Connector.

    Detailed receiving, inspection and warehousing of material and equipment

  • Connector.

    Marshalling and consolidation of cargo

  • Connector.

    Export packing/crating of cargo as needed

  • Connector.

    Preparation of export/import documentation

  • Connector.

    Export compliance guidance

  • Connector.

    Insurance as required

  • Connector.Connector.

    Best value pricing for all transportation services

  • Connector.Connector.

    Compliance with Fly America & US Cargo Preference, and CRAF regulations

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  • Connector.Connector.

    Total visibility of warehoused material

  • Connector.Connector.

    Real-time shipment tracking

  • Connector.Connector.

    Coordination with consignee, customs representatives, and destination offices on documentation requirements and clearance procedures

  • Connector.Connector.

    Pre-alert of all shipment developments

  • Connector.Connector.

    Delivery confirmations

How our process works.

The process begins with the receipt of a valid purchase order. An Aero Manager will enter all information into our material management database. This will commence the entire logistics process. Aero will contact suppliers to maintain the required delivery dates. This communication is critical to avoid delays or unanticipated early completions.

Consolidation & Documentation

On a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis (as determined by requirements schedule), Aero will consolidate all on-hand materials and pack appropriately for OCONUS deployment. The Aero project coordinator will review current on-hand reports to insure all appropriate export compliance documentation is completed and available for transport. Upon receipt of permission to ship, the coordinator will work with warehouse staff to initiate packing of materials through use of a packing request document. This document will provide a line-by-line inventory of contents of shipping container. Based on this document, Aero will then create a full set of export documents, including Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Contents Value and Certificate of Origin. Each pallet/container will have its own packing list which will contain purchase order number, job number and part number so the recipient of the shipment will know what they are receiving. This information is transmitted electronically to recipient once finalized.

Appropriate packing materials (tri-wall/cardboard air containers, air bags, shrink-wrap, banding, pallets, etc.) will be used when necessary to ensure safety in transit. Shipments will be packed to maximize space utilization both within container as well as on aircraft and vessels.


Aero understands the process by which duty exempt cargo is cleared. Properly planning and executing the shipment will facilitate cargo clearance by host nation customs upon arrival. This understanding virtually eliminates incursion of storage charges and clearance problems which result in delays to final delivery site. Aero staff is intimately familiar with the AE-302 form and its impact on inbound shipments if not properly executed.

Reporting & Tracking

Aero is an industry leader in providing accurate, real-time reporting and tracking information.
Aero is an industry leader in providing accurate, real-time reporting and tracking information. As a result of the corporate commitment to program-related logistics management, and to complete integration of personnel, facilities, and state of the art equipment resources, we are able to provide our clients with “Total In Transit Visibility”, the ability to see the status of each shipment at any point in time. All information is provided in strict compliance to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. This is provided by GPS/RFID devices that can be added to individual shipments as required.

Shipping status information is accomplished by the behind-the-scenes efforts of an experienced staff of logistics professionals who investigate, plan, organize, check and recheck information from a variety of sources. Aero provides clients with web-based solutions to easily access all status information from most any location.

In order to accommodate material management requirements, Aero employs a proprietary computerized tracking system. The system tracks purchase orders and individual line items from the purchase order entry through the receiving, packaging, packing, and/or consolidation of shipments to final delivery. All shipping documents (such as invoices, packing lists, Certificates of Origin, air or ocean bill of ladings, export documentation as well as country specific import documents) are prepared and stored for future transactions. Each report gives complete detail on every piece of equipment/material so the customer can follow an individual Purchase Order component or entire task through each stage of the process to ultimate destination. Aero operations staff will continually update the system to reflect the current status and location of all cargo in transit.